Special creative Czech language course
or little foreigners, who are attending  the Czech primary school and need to practice and improve Czech vocalbulary, conversation and grammar.



school children / 1st grade / advanced

We will:

  • create collages from our pictures
  • draw, paint, cut and glue
  • work with letters and words
  • follow the schoolwork of the 1st grade
  • work in group and independently
  • present own project to children
  • not be bored
  • speak only Czech
For :             3-4 children

Age:            6-7 years old

Date:            5 September-7 November 2022


                     10 lessons / 90 min

Time:           17:00-18:30

Address:     Czech with Pictures Studio
                     Kroftova 6
                     616 00  Brno

Price:          group of 3 children / 3.000,- CZK
                    group of 4 children / 2.500,- CZK
                    Including art and text materials, drinks.










Sign up for the course

You can email me sarkacimburkova@gmail.com or call me +420 774 365 022.

Where we will meet

Normally, all my courses take place at Kroftova 6, Brno – Žabovřesky, 616 00.
However, it is possible to agree on a different place.

My studio

What my students say

Sarka's style and personality made us feel comfortable and relaxed and she expertly adjusted the pace of the lessons, to suit our individual capabilities. Her pre-prepared documentation and study notes, for each student, were excellent and really helped with the "Homework" practice for each of us.
Mark Meyrick, Group Operations Director at Elektron Technology plc
The lessons themselves were incredible. We met twice weekly for an hour each session, and I believe that with Šárka's help we were able to gain a great understanding of the language very quickly. After only 2-3 months of lessons I was able to speak confidently with locals at work, restaurants, and shops!
Joseph Micheels, Project Manager at IMI Precision Engineering - Brno CZ
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