C h i l d r e n

                                    Children need to speak with teachers and friends at Czech school.                         They also need to understand the Czech language curriculum and write in Czech without mistakes.


The creative Czech language course is for little foreigners, preschoolers and schoolchildren who want to communicate really well in Czech.

There are always three to four children of the same age and language level in the group.

Learning is connected with simple art activities that develop children's creative thinking and their fine motor skills.

Children work with pictures, letters, words and interesting texts. They cut, draw, make collages and play games.

They work together or independently.

10 lessons  / 90 min / 3-4 children /    same age and level of Czech

The courses are open throughout the whole school year.

3 children / 3.000,-CZK / for child              4 children / 2.500,-CZK / for child

Preschoolers will prepare for their start at Czech primary school.

They will speak Czech clearly and understand  well.

They will have the same pre-school skills as Czech children.

Schoolchildren start to communicate well in Czech and they can practice the current school curriculum.

lesson / 60 min 

lesson / 60 min / 580,-CZK

Group lessons are an ideal opportunity to start communicating in Czech with confidence. 

Schoolchildren learn how to understand Czech well and express their own opinion in a foreign language.

lesson / 60 min / 2-4 children / same age  and level of Czech

2 children / 60 min / 400,-CZK / for child            3 children / 60 min / 300,-CZK / for child       4 children / 60 min / 250,-CZK / for child

                                          You can email me sarkacimburkova@gmail.com or call me +420 774 365 022